Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Thanks for joining me here! As an extrovert’s extrovert, I absolutely love company. This being my first post of my brand spankin’ new blog, I am thrilled to have good company  reading my words and sharing in my passion for adventure. I truly am so glad you are here.

I’m guessing, because I am so new in this space, that you are here because either you or someone you know knows me personally (love you, Friends!) or the words “brave, curious, or adventure” spark something in your soul that you don’t want to or can’t extinguish. 

For the latter bunch–YESSSSSS!!!!! Adventure is our jam, right?!?!? You may not even know what that looks like in your life, but you know you need it. You need to learn more, see more, do more, taste more, experience more. You may be happy with the ins-and-outs of your everyday life but deep down you feel your inner explorer tapping, knocking, clawing to be let loose. And if that terrifies you, it did me, too. Having a large and/or busy family keeps your days full, running on a moment-to-moment schedule; the thought of letting adventure on the loose feels like it could mean the end of any sort of organized flow in your life. Then, before you know it you are living out the plot to either of the Jumangi movies! Been there, done that, don’t want to repeat it!

You don’t want WILD, but you need MORE.

The journey to finding a doable way of releasing fear, grabbing ahold of bravery, and incorporating adventure into your life can be lonely, intimidating, maybe too scary to start. That’s why I’m here. I’ve been working for years to figure out what my needs are and how to meet them (and do so without neglecting everyone else in my life).

Six years ago I was just broken in pieces. I was stressed (6 kids with a new baby, physically recovering from a huge mid-pregnancy injury), I was wrecked by PTSD from a big trauma (EF-5 tornado), I was deep in self-hate from some a self-destructive choice I had made (complicated). I found myself sitting in a mental health/spirituality class with a dozen other women who were strangers to me. I remember looking around at the other attendees thinking that there was no way we had anything in common. And we didn’t, except for the fact that we all shared a need for healing, direction, and hope. We were all at a sort of emotional and spiritual rock bottom.

Within the first few sessions we deep-dived into discovering our personal core values and how honoring them was key to our healing, knowing God, and being known by others. It was glorious sunshine on my shivering soul. To know that God made me with individual values that may not be what my history (evangelical Christianity) told me was “right” or “good” for a married woman, mother, conservative Christian was an amazing revelation.

Long story short…ADVENTURE is my #1 value and I’ve spent the last 6 years exploring, trying, failing, adjusting, trying again, and even celebrating victory in my journey to honor my values with ADVENTURE at the top of the list. I’ve learned a great deal about myself, about adventure, about honoring myself and others, and above all, bravery. I hope to share all of that here with you here. And I doubt I will run out of material any time soon as I’m always learning; I’m sure I will have plenty more failures and triumphs to share in the years to come.

Read on and don’t forget to subscribe to my email list. I send out a monthly email with my top adventure links, favorite spiritual quotes, funny stories from my big ol’ family and farm, and also resources for my personal passion–refugee resettlement and immigration reform.

I’m so glad you joined me here and hope you stick around to see how we can be curious, brave, and connected.

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