Meet Melody


So glad you stopped by to learn a little bit more about me. I think I’m a pretty interesting character, but my teenaged daughter swears I’m only just “basic.”

I’m a woman with passion galore and I’ve been told that I have energy to match. I don’t have room for fear in my life. There is too much to explore and learn and feel to have fear occupy any space in my world.

My chief love/need is ADVENTURE and I tend to find that mostly through hiking/nature and connecting with the immigrant communities near me. I also enjoy cooking, reading, gardening, CHICKENS (oh, how I love my feathered lady friends), and being at the lake with my kids.

I’ve been married for going on 20 years and we have 6 kids spread across 9 years. We have some kids who came to us through adoption, but I’ll never tell you which came out of me and which came to me! They are mine and I am theirs and that’s all that matters.

I ponder the idea of purpose often and am not sure I believe in it–still working that one out. But, if I had a purpose, it might be to help people see the adventure in their world and to walk with them as they take chances in bravery. I have a special gift of getting friends and colleagues to try new things, whether that is trying a new ethnic food, a new hike, running a half-marathon, co-sponsoring a newly arriving refugee family, or moving to a new state. I can pretty much see the triumph in any new path or experience and pass that enthusiasm on to others.

Here, I will work to write about how we can be brave in our lives in big and small ways. We will explore our innate curiosity and how to move from thought to action with bravery and connection–adventure galore!

I love good conversation, so I hope that you will stick around to get to know me better and to challenge yourself to discard the detritus of culture and busy-ness to see what adventures await you.